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On Schiermonnikoog the elements still have the landscape fully in its hold. Because of ocean currents, prevailing winds, tides and 'walking' dunes, the island has crawled twenty kilometers east since the Middle century.

This is one of our most dynamic natural areas. An untamed wilderness where the nights are really dark.


Half a million migratory birds
It's pure logic that over half a million migratory birds make a stop here each year. Waders as rain curlew and god-wit feast on shellfish and soap glands. The unprecedented peace is so tempting that some 120 species of birds breed on Schiermonnikoog.
Also special ones, such as the spoonbill, egret and hen harrier. In the dune valleys you can find beautiful fields of flowers with orchids and Parnassus. Part of the beach has changed in recent years in a green carpet of plants as yellow center, red eyes and solace zulte.